Patient Stories

For MedTourEasy, every patient relationship is a collaborative one, uniting our  expertise and executional capabilities with our patient’s requirements. 


My first surgery ever so I was nervous, but the staff was very kind and helpful and the doctor did a really good job.
AJ Skull
I arranged a (relatively minor) cosmetic procedure through MedTourEasy with a doctor in Budapest. Their follow-up was clear and timely, and I appreciated having a pre-screened list of doctors/surgeons to choose from. This, combined with the individual reviews and information on the MedTourEasy site, was a good starting point. It is important to understand what they are (and what they're not) - they're basically a directory and referral service, not a guarantee of quality. So, as ever, caveat emptor - but, certainly, the information and services they provide are an excellent starting point for anyone thinking of going abroad for treatment. Overall, it was a very good experience!
John Doe
I found MedTourEasy whilst searching for affordable surgery abroad. I was so pleased that I did! It made my search easy and Sam Rucker was an absolute star!! I cant praise him enough!! He was assigned as my care team member and was very helpful and professional. He made all of the arrangements and all I had to do was book flights and get there! Thanks so much Sam!! I would wholeheartedly recommend MedTourEasy services to anyone looking for a professional team to provide a professional service.
MedTourEasy were very efficient and got back to me very quickly to clarify and finalize my dental appointments. Thank you.
Eleanore Carol Stanley
Excellent service and helpful at every stage of the process
Clog Man
I met an accident i.e. slip and fell, hitting my face straight to the interlocking tiles, broken two front upper teeth in the middle and a deep wide wound in the lower lip. I was a little bit frustrated. Rushed to NMC Speciality Hospital Al Nahda, attended by Dr. Sanjay Saraf. His way of interacting was very impressive and gives confidence. He did the Plastic Surgery for my lips. It was a professionally very excellent job. His way of caring and motivating the patient was friendly and hopeful. I appreciate Dr. Sanjay Saraf and his team and thanks to all who were involved in my case. - Offshore Services Manager, IAG
Abdul Jabbar Mangalathayil
I am Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Senegal) that was made aware of the need for a hip replacement in Senegal and asked if I would help her find one. The cost was important. I found MedTourEasy online and connected with them - our MedTourEasy Coordinator Sam Ruckers was outstanding. Every step of the way he provided us guidance/ support and was able to identify 3 countries 3 excellent clinics that could help the lady. The prices cited were very reasonable compared to the US, and they had the appropriate certifications. At the end, while trying the raise the -$7000, we were informed by the patient's own home country Senegal, they can do it for less - so that's where she's getting her surgery. Inspite of the turn of events, I would use MedTourEasy even for myself. The process and coordination is excellent. I heartedly recommend MedTourEasy and our Coordinator Sam Ruckers. MedTourEasy is a wonderful service.
Sandra L. Ricci
In September of 2018, I started researching hip replacement surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been living in Bangkok for over 14 years. Through my research, I discovered the Navigator hip replacement procedure. I read about it. I watched YouTube videos about hip replacement surgery using the Navigator system. I even watched a complete hip replacement operation using the system. What I did not know is which hospitals, if any in Bangkok, used the Navigator hip replacement system. So, I contacted MedTourEasy for some help and quotes. Sami Eric was my contact at MedTourEasy. He did an outstanding job of providing me with the information I required and made sure my medical questions were answered. I am very happy with using MedTourEasy's services and the hospital, Sikarin International Hospital, where I had my 14 June 2019 hip replacement surgery.
I will use MedTourEasy again. Once Sami Eric took over my case, things happened. Sadly I cannot give them a 5 Star rating as Sara Mussso who was supposed to be my case manager, dropped the ball and honestly did not FOLLOW up in a timely manner. I needed to get to a back surgery done ASAP as I had a large herniated disk pushing against a nerve, cause loss of function in my right foot. Once I got to Sami Eric, it was as if I connected with a NEW/DIFFERENT company as he was and remained on top of it - keeping me informed and working to help me get the medical procedure done ASAP. If it were NOT for Sara, I would give them a 5 STAR rating. To conclude, I would use them again and would recommend them.
Hendrik Van der Merwe
Thank you so much to Sami and the team at MedTourEasy. They supported me through every step of the procedure and ensured every question i had was answered. Their professionalism and kindness and was really reassuring. They really took the burden off organising such a daunting procedure. I cannot recommend Sami and the team at MedTourEasy enough. 10/10 experience.
A great comprehensive way to create your medical travel experience. The reps are fast to reply and will try to give information and details or to resolve any problems as fast as they can. I will definitely use again!
Steven Haus
My appointment was scheduled for May 20th. I arrived at the hospital and had to do some admin first(fill out forms, pay etc). I spoke to my doctor and we discussed the suitable surgery for me, that was very helpful. The doctor explained the procedure and informed me of the risks and benefits. I was shown my room, which was spacious, beautiful and comfortable. I was showed a safe where I can put my most valued posessions like money or jewelry and there were also cabinets for my clothes. I changed to the patient's uniform and awaited my surgery. The staff was very nice and friendly. I got into the operating room and was put under general anesthesia, within about 3 hours I was out and could feel some uncomfortability arround my butt. They gave me some pain killer injection, put me on a drip and i took some pills as well. The pain was less than expected especially for butt implants, I was expecting hell! The staff was very friendly and easily accessible by just a press of a button.I intended on staying for 3 nights but I extended my stay because I felt really safe there than going back to my hotel room. Soon I was put off the drip but the nurses came regularly to give me pills before every meal, check my BP and scars. I had a great experience and they did what they promised. It's really a world class hospital, I will definitely come back. I'm recovering very well and cant wait to fully recover so i can hit the beach!
Sam Rucker from MedTourEasy has been absolutely amazing. I have requested two treatments (dental and eye) to take place in Istanbul during the middle of May. I have asked Sam multiple questions and requested a lot of call backs and every time I have got prompt responses. His customer service skills are exempt. He has been so helpful and super efficient in responding to me and made everything very transparent and provided clear and complete information. Sam you are an asset to this organisation and once thank you so much for all hour help!!! You are fantastic !
Michael Dorgan
exceptional, clean structure, maximum professionalism, they make you really feel at home, fast operation, I saw you right away, a bit of annoyance only the first three hours, my positive opinion, the medical center much more than excellent, very prepared, like family for kindness courtesy from the beginning of the appointment to the following days from the operation ... thanks and I advise you to go and also check you thanks again to all .. my view is that of a little girl now thank you thank you
Bashar has been excellent. Giving me prompt updates and putting up with me changing my mind. Appointment booked for dentist in Tenerife for June.
Liz Thomas
My experience with Medigo was great. I would never had considered booking a procedure out of the country without a company like MedTourEasy evaluating the doctors. They answered all my questions, and if I were to book another procedure with a different doctor, I would definitely use MedTourEasy since they fully vet all the doctors they work with.
John Tunnell
Marina from MedTourEasy has been perfect: helpful, eficient and super nice. She made everything very transparent, she provided complete information and she helped me for extra stuff, like advice for booking my plane flight. Marina: thank you so much!!! You are great 🙂
Angela S.
Thank you Sami Eric and MedTourEasy, You gave us four different clinics to choose from and we did our own investigation of each one before deciding on which clinic to go with. Once we decided which clinic to go with Sami did the rest from Beginning to end, thank you so much for a wonderful experience We would not have been able to do it ourselves.
Todd Guarnieri
Amazing care, communication, value and advice. If your going abroad for plastic surgery definetly book through Medigo they are the best out there
Muireann P.