Tidyverse Fundamentals Trainee

Tidyverse Fundamentals with R Traineeship is a self paced 4 week Industrial Training program with mentorship support.

Program Description

Experience the whole data science pipeline from importing and tidying data to wrangling and visualizing data to modeling and communicating with data. Gain exposure to each component of this pipeline from a variety of different perspectives in this tidyverse R Internship/Training.

What we cover in 4 weeks.

Week 1 – 3

Introduction to the Tidyverse

Reshaping Data with tidyr

Modeling with Data in the tidyverse

Communicating with Data in the Tidyverse

Categorical Data in the Tidyverse

Week 4

One Training Project & a Capstone Project

Program Benefits

Certificate of Completion

Letter of Recommendation

Complete this course while you work

Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts

Best performers will also be offered a job within the company.

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