Finance and Business Analytics Trainee

Applied Finance in R Traineeship is a self paced 4 week Industrial Training program with mentorship support.

Program Description

Grow your financial skills in R and learn how to manipulate data and make better data-driven decisions.

You’ll begin this Traineeship by learning how to evaluate portfolios and value stocks using present value approaches, free cash flow, and equity and dividend discount models. Next, you’ll explore life insurance products and learn the basics of financial trading. Through interactive coding exercises, you’ll use powerful libraries, including quantmod, QRM, xts, zoo, and quantstrat, to examine and manage credit risk. You’ll then apply what you’ve learned to answer questions commonly faced by financial firms, such as how to value a fixed interest rate bond and estimate a bond’s yield. Along the way, you’ll also create GARCH models and get hands-on with real data from the US Treasury, daily Microsoft returns, and S&P 500 data. Start this track to advance your R financial skills.

What we cover in 4 weeks.

Week 1 – 3

Manipulating Time Series Data with xts and zoo in R

Time Series Analysis in R

ARIMA Models in R

Forecasting in R

Visualizing Time Series Data in R

Case Studies: Manipulating the Time Series Data in R

Week 4

Capstone Project

Program Benefits

Certificate of Completion

Letter of Recommendation

Complete this course while you work

Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts

Best performers will also be offered a job within the company.

Job Category: Data Science Finance
Job Type: Traineeship
Job Location: Remote

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