Data Visualization Trainee

Data Visualization with R Internship/Training is a self paced 4 week Industrial Training program with mentorship support.

Program Description

Bring your data into focus. Develop the invaluable skills you need to analyze and display data using R—essential when communicating insights and discoveries to non-technical stakeholders. In this Internship/Training, you’ll learn how to create and modify plots using ggplot2, optimizing the aesthetics and geoms to help you build beautiful and accurate visualizations. From here you’ll progress your ggplot2 skills and learn how to calculate statistics and use facets and coordinates. You’ll also learn some best practices for creating visualizations, including three plot types you should avoid.

What we cover in 4 weeks.

Week 1 – 3

Introduction to Data Visualization with ggplot2

Intermediate Data Visualization with ggplot2

Visualization Best Practices in R

Week 4

Capstone Project

Program Benefits

Certificate of Completion

Letter of Recommendation

Complete this course while you work

Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts

Best performers will also be offered a job within the company.

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