The MedTourEasy Proposition



MedTourEasy helps people navigate healthcare services

Our mission is to improve access to healthcare worldwide. To do this, we take a patient-centric approach to help individuals and organizations navigate healthcare systems abroad.
Founded in India in 2015, our first product is a popular medical tourism platform that allows patients to book medical treatments at hospitals and clinics internationally.




Our products and services

Medical Tourism Platform

Our platform is a curated global marketplace that connects healthcare providers with patients looking for treatment abroad.

We select providers based on their certifications and accreditations, experience treating international patients, and patient satisfaction.


Medical Concierge Services

These services are tailored to assist the international patients we serve.

We offer logistical assistance, medical record translation, on-site medical interpretation, and ground transfers.


Second Medical Opinions

Our app-enabled, easy access second opinion service provides access to more than 500 experts, covering all medical specialties.


Our leadership team

We’re a team of professionals employees, with decades of experience in helping patients get the healthcare they need. Our staff includes doctors, nurses, dentists, and experienced representatives of the insurance, TPA.


Trusted by patients worldwide


Nationalities of MedTourEasy patients


Medical providers in 35 countries


International patient cases managed

More about MedTourEasy

Medical Travel: We help patients find and book medical treatment, anywhere in the world. Our multilingual team assists with medical translation, interpretation, visa arrangements, as well as booking hotels, flights, and other logistics.

Second Medical Opinions: Leading medical experts review cases in detail and provide customized recommendations to meet each person’s unique medical needs. A second opinion can change a diagnosis, prognosis, or course of treatment.

We help individuals book the treatment they need. Our dedicated Care Team organizes a custom treatment plan and cost estimate from hospitals and clinics around the world. We help book appointments, arrange second opinions, or the logistics of a medical treatment abroad.

We value integrity, diversity, transparency, collaboration, and a data-driven, human-centric approach to solving healthcare problems around the world.

No, all medical advice is provided by qualified professionals at our trusted network of clinics and hospitals, or medical experts who provide second medical opinions.

We are a platform that increases access to healthcare by helping people to compare treatment options and book medical treatments around the world.

We also work with health insurers to facilitate treatment for their members.

Our provider network of hospitals and clinics spans the entire world and covers every medical need. The medical providers we list must comply with our strict quality assurance criteria. In some countries, we require a sign-up fee for a provider to be listed on our medical travel platform, but these providers must still pass our quality assurance process to be listed. Healthcare providers are judged on three main criteria:

  1. Medical quality
  2. Experience with international patients
  3. Patient satisfaction

Medical quality
This is based on locally and internationally recognized accreditations and standards. These accreditations and certifications are listed on clinic profiles. Finally, physician experience and education are important for evaluating a clinic’s medical quality.

Experience with international patients
The clinics and hospitals listed on Medigo are experienced in treating international patients, and they employ multilingual staff or have interpreters available.

Patient satisfaction
This is identified through reviews and interviews with former patients, and we publish every review – good or bad – to our platform as we want our platform to reflect the real patient experience.

Quality review
Clinics and hospitals go through an ongoing internal quality review process. There are several possible outcomes for a clinic, depending on the nature of the concern, including no action taken, suspension and warning issued, and permanent removal from our network.

We share personal information and medical reports only with the relevant trusted medical providers in our network and only so users can receive a personalized quote or a cost estimate.

Users can ask for their personal and/or medical information to be removed from our records at any time.

We have an integrated review system that ensures reviews submitted through our platform are 100% genuine.

Only patients that undergo a treatment booked through MedTourEasy can review their experience at medical providers on our platform. We do not allow other user-generated reviews, for we cannot verify the authenticity of the content in these reviews.

We ask patients to rate (from 1 to 5) how happy they were with their overall experience, as well as these factors:

How responsive and accessible were the clinic staff before, during and after treatment?
How helpful were the clinic staff and involved personnel?
Was the experience good value for money?
Were the clinic’s facilities everything they promised?
How accessible was the clinic?

We also ask for some qualitative feedback about the experience and for a review of our service on external review platform Trustpilot.

The provided feedback is immediately posted to the website. We also post negative reviews, because we believe these reviews reflect the real patient experience and give medical providers the chance to improve their services.

If a medical provider receives a poor review, we inform the provider and give them the opportunity to respond to the review. When necessary, we facilitate communication between the patient and the provider to try to resolve the situation.

Customer testimonials

We help our people get the treatment they need for their health.

“The MedTourEasy team had amazing quick follow through. The Salutaris Medical Center was amazing! The staff was kind. The private room was spacious n clean.

My surgery was so easy. And all the while MedTourEasy helped me through the process step by step!”

– Nan had a hip replacement at Salutaris Medical Center, Mexico


In the midst of our family’s trip around the world I started experiencing symptoms that required me to see a GI specialist…

I worked through MedTourEasy to locate and schedule with a doctor in Bangkok. … MedTourEasy was very helpful in coordinating with the hospital before and after the procedure.

– Aaron had a colonoscopy at Sikarin Hospital, Thailand


I came to this clinic for an angioplasty, to have stents placed, and for cardiac catheterization, following severe pain in the chest. I discovered this clinic via MedTourEasy.

I requested a quote and received a response in less than 24 hours from a MedTourEasy Case Manager.

– Thiery went to Clinique Pasteur in Tunisia for cardiology procedures